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About Us

Founded in 2005 dogma – life, with your pet. was conceived with the idea of creating well designed stores with quality provisions, a welcoming atmosphere and an enthusiastic, well informed staff.   

Our mission is to thoughtfully choose a selection of food, treats, products and services that help your pets—and you—get more out of life.  We believe with good nutrition, playful exercise and proper grooming your pet will thrive.  That’s why we thoroughly research all of the food and products we carry.  Our informed staff members are always available to help you make tailored choices for your pet. Whether its nutrition, play, grooming, travel or sleep we are all dedicated to providing the best for “life with your pet”., noun.  the belief that good taste intersects with affordable design for pets and their patrons

Special Offers

We are constantly adding new specials to our site. Be sure to check back often!