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Did you know cats hunt between 9-10 times a day? The new NoBowl Feeding System helps keep your cat happy & healthy by letting them hunt for their meal. Available at all dogma-life, with your pet locations. 

As a medical expert renowned in the field of Whiskerology, it is my professional opinion that Dr.Catsby’s bowl will mean happiness for your cat – and you.

Our first indoor / outdoor diners, the Vision Double diners fit perfectly in both modernand traditional settings, and are finished with a UV resistant black powder coat. Non-skid clear plastic tips on legs.

Still our most popular single diner, the Mesh Single diner features a simple cross pattern, with non-skid plastic tips on legs.  Small, medium, and XL fit Petware Pottery small, medium and large bowls.

Our latest design, this beautiful modern diner blends the sturdiness of our other tube designs with a light, airy feel. An instant favorite of our customers.

A simple yet elegant design with curved cross-stitch sides and an oval base.  Small and medium sizes fit Petware Pottery small and medium ceramic bowls.

Our pet food can has a robust lock-tight handle that keeps food in and pets out. A silicone gasket forms an airtight seal so food stays fresh. The can includes a convenient scoop that attaches magnetically under the lid. Its large capacity (27 lb/12 kg) is also ideal for storing other types of bulk food items such as flour, rice, sugar, charcoal, or bird seed.

  • Manufacturer: Hagen Pet Products - duplicate

Cats see and hear sights and sounds that are beyond our perception. They experience the world in ways we can only imagine with their unique sense of taste, touch and smell. Catit Design Senses products are made with your cat in mind and designed to appeal to all of your cat's senses.

  • Manufacturer: Hagen Pet Products - duplicate

Catit Design Senses Drinking Fountain provides your cat with a continuous indoor source of cool, fresh-tasting, filtered water that encourages your pet to drink more.

  • UPC: 077234022900
Fits most canned food. Preserve unused food for next time!